Project OLLY (Oversized Load Lifting and Yielding)

For the senior capstone design project in Mechanical Engineering, my team and I designed Omni-Directional robots from scratch to complete a cooperative lifting task between human-controlled and autonomous robots. Our project, dubbed OLLY (Oversized Load Lifter and Yielder) was one of the winners of the department’s design competition. The full project report and videos are available here, the abstract is given below:

The Oversized Load Lifting and Yielding (OLLY)robots carry long extended loads between them. The front robot is controlled by user input, while the rear robot maps the surrounding susing a SLAM algorithm from LIDAR data and autonomously follows the front robot at a fixed distance. We implemented two model-predictive controllers to maintain robot distance, staywithin road constraints, and minimize actuation. A set of three omnidirectional wheels allows the robots to handle any velocity command whether from user input or from controller output. Intests, the follower robot was able to hold the loading distance within ±1inch while (1) turning a corner and (2) staying on a fixed line.