Goldeneye AB1

Published in The NASA Aeronautics University Design Challenge 2016-2017, 2017

Recommended citation: R. Anand, A. English, D. Gao, S. Malekshahi, R. Sinha, N. Stevenson (2017). "Goldeneye AB1" NASA Aeronautics Design Challenge.

The GoldeneyeAB1 white-paper outlines the design of a high-efficiency, low-noise commercial supersonic business jet, which won a paper award in the supersonics category of the 2017 NASA Aeronautics Design Challenge. For a news article about the project, please click here

“The team’s design, named Goldeneye AB1, features a novel variable geometry wing design that allows it to fly efficiently at both supersonic and subsonic speeds, all while maintaining high lift. The participants were invited to present their paper during the winner’s symposium at NASA’s Langley Research Center from September 25th-26th.”

Download paper here